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CA Gen Web Service Deployment to WebSphere SRVE0232E java heap space


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset Gen - Host Encyclopedia Gen - Run Time Distributed


Attempt to deploy a large CA Gen .ear file containing many web services to Websphere and  either receive error 'SRVE0232E Java Heap Space exception', or it takes a very long time to deploy successfully. 


Component: CGEWSA


This points to inadequate heap space allocation on Websphere.   Execute the following steps to increase the heap space:

On the WebSphere Application Server host, log on to the administrative console:  (For example: http://localhost:9060/ibm/console)

-   Expand Servers > Server Types and select WebSphere application servers.
-   Click the name of your server. For example: server1.
-   Under the Server Infrastructure group, click to expand Java and Process Management.
-   Click Process Definition.
-   Under the Additional Properties group, click Java Virtual Machine and set:
      Initial Heap Size: 1024
      Maximum Heap Size: 2048
Click OK.
-   In the messages box, click Save.
Click OK.
-   In the messages box, click Save.
-   Restart the WebSphere Application Server.

Note:  The above assumes it is 64-bit Java.  If using 32-bit Java which has effective max heap of around 1400-1500 MB.  The Maximum Heap Size noted above could be set to 1500.