Incorrect Costs for Non Labor Resources in MSP
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Incorrect Costs for Non Labor Resources in MSP


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The user enters a cost against a non labor resource in Microsoft Project and this saves successfully to PPM with the correct cost amount. Upon reopening the MPP file, the cost is found to be different than what was saved. This occurs when the cost amounts near or exceed $4,800,000. 

Steps to Reproduce:
0. Install the MSP new driver 
1. Create a Rate Matrix with a catch all row of $1 for all resources 
2. Create a project with any dates and associate this project to the Rate Matrix 
3. Staff a Material (or any other non-labor resource) to the Team 
4. Create a one day duration task, and assign the Material Resource 
5. Run the RME job with first three options checked 
6. Back on the task assignment, enter 100 ETC 
7. Export the project to MSP 
Note: Units = 100, Cost = $100 as expected 
8. Change the Assignment Units to 4,800,000 in MSP 
Note: In PPM, the ETC = 4,800,000 as expected 
9. Export to MSP again 

Expected Results: The Assignment Units and Cost still equal 4,800,000 
Actual Results: The Assignment Units and Costs now equal 23,888,743.54 


Release: PPM 15.4.1 - 15.6.1



Caused by DE48273


DE48273 is fixed in the Clarity PPM PPM 15.7 release. 


  • Split the tasks with higher ETC/Cost values into multiple tasks so that the amount is lower than the 4,800,000 range 
  • In at least one case, the issue didn't occur if the ETC was XOGed in using a custom process, so using XOG may help avoid the issue.