Content Packages not migrating Object Views


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


CA PPM Version: 15.2 

When I import the Package to a new environment the new attribute is on the attribute list but is not present on the Create and Edit views - even when I only add it to the system level views. 

This was done without using the Partition functionality.


1. Login as Administrator 
2. Create test master object 
3. Create String type attribute 
4. Click on Views tab and add newly created attribute to Create and Edit view 
5. Click on Administration->Content Packages and create new package 
6. Add the object you created and also add Views for create and Edit to the package. 
7. Click on Package 
8. Once package was created successfully click on Properties tab and save the .jar file for the Package. 
9. Upload Content Package in another environment by going into Administration->Add-Ins 
10. Once package and views loaded successfuly into target system navigate to Administration->Objects and search for your object you uploaded 
11. Navigate to Views tab and click on Create. The Test attribute should be included in the view 

Expected Results: The test attribute should be on the create and edit view 

Actual Results: The test attribute is not on either view.


Component: PPMSTU


This is not reproducible in 15.5.1 and 15.6.