Extract job ends with return code 08 with -802 SQL errors
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Extract job ends with return code 08 with -802 SQL errors


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A CA Database Analyzer extract is failing with a return code 8, with -802 SQL errors reported in Action Processing. What is causing these errors and how can they be resolved?


Component: PDA


The -802 SQL errors could indicate invalid RTS statistics or orphaned RTS rows. In this situation we point users to HIGHLVL.CDBASAMP(RTOSESQL). This member contains instructions on how to understand and solve -802 SQL errors. Specifically refer to section 'E. If you are getting a SQLCODE -802'.
Follow the recommended steps that apply to this scenario, 'divide by zero error, SQL state (22012).
You can use the SQL provided in CDBASAMP(RTSCLNUP) to clean up the TOTALROWS -1 values. In RTSCLNUP refer to '5) Clean up negative TOTALROWS and TOTALENTRIES IBM APAR PK53341'.
This SQL can be used to clean up the -1 entries in SYSTABLESPACESTATS which is the cause of the -802 errors for this database.