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Steps to join/remove a MIM without global shutdown


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM) MIM Data Sharing (MII) MIM Tape Sharing (MIA) MIM Message Sharing (MIC)


With MIMINIT COMMUNICATION=DASDONLY, what is required to join/remove a MIM system into/from MIMPlex without MIM control format ? 


Release: MIMALM00200-12.1-MIM-Resource Sharing-for z/OS-Plus MSU


Modifications to the DEFSYS statement require a CA MIM restart with FORMAT=CF. The exception is adding a system to the DEFSYS statement after adding a system dynamically.

When a MIM system is started and joined to MIMPlex without DEFSYS statement definition, MIMPlex assigns system index numbers to INDEX and ALIAS of the MIM.

When a MIM system is started and joined to MIMPlex with DEFSYS statement definition, MIMPlex uses the information to assing the MIM.

Removing a MIM system without MIM control file format, ALTERSYS systemid, STATUS=DISABLE is available.