How to check which user has changed the settings on a probe in UIM


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


We sometimes see an unintended change on probe configuration and want to trace who made the change.
Here is the way how to check which user has changed the threshold settings on a probe in UIM.


Component: UIMCON


If running controller version 7.93 and above, there is a feature to take backup of cfg files automatically.

1. Apply robot_update v7.93 to the robot(s)
2. Add the following in robot.cfg. audit = 5
3. Restart the robot

NOTE: When you make change on some probe cfg, it will create a backup copy of probe cfg before changing.
The backup files can be found in the /robot/cfgs/* And you can check the brief details of change including the user in controller_audit.txt under /robot/ folder.

Additional Information

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