Not all of report showing up in *ALL(SREP)
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Not all of report showing up in *ALL(SREP)


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After upgrading from Version 10 to Version 12, reports are being truncated at approximately 80 lines. This did not occur previously. 


OS/390 Agent


Per our documentation on OS/390 Agents:
completeJobout =

This parameter determines the complexity of the job protocol.

This setting can be overruled in the Job object and in the script using attributes. More detailed information is provided in the document that describes message classes.


"0" -Only JES statistics (JESMSGLG, JESJCL and JESYSMSG) are stored in AE.
"1" -The entire job protocol (JES statistics+ job output) is stored in AE.

Default: 0

The default setting is 0, which means that reports may be truncated. To view all of the Report contents, set the above parameter= 1 and restart the Agent so that the new configuration can be applied.