CA Deliver - Stopping RMOSTC Task with "P RMOSTC" Showing ECSA Shortage and PQE Leaks


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The client stopped their CA Deliver RMOSTC task using "P RMOSTC", rather than the recommended "F RMOSTC,OFF".  

As a result, their ECSA consumption alertingly increased.


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The client had stopped their CA Deliver RMOSTC task using "P RMOSTC".
Stopping it in that way does not remove the "hooks" Deliver places in the system for its pre-spool processing. 
As a result, requests still queue up for the Deliver task. 

Note: The recommended method to bring down the RMOSTC task is with "F RMOSTC,OFF".

After stopping with "P RMOSTC", starting soon thereafter with "S RMOSTC,PARM=OFF" will free PQE requests allocated beyond the fixed 512 PQE requests pre-allocated by the Deliver task. 

The 512 PQEs are allocated from ECSA and occupy 70K worth of storage. 
This 70K of ECSA is not freed with PARM=OFF. 

The number of requests queued to the Deliver task can be determined with the SSXTINFO REXX program. 
The program SSXTINFO is in View library CVDECLS0(SSXTINFO).

The client used "S RMOSTC,PARM=OFF", and ECSA consumption dropped from 93% to 80%.