Force users to use password phrase with CA Top Secret.


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Trying to migrate from passwords to password phrase/passphrase? Is there a way to force user's to user their passphrase instead of their passwords?


Component: TSSMVS


All users have a password and a passphrase. They are 2 separate fields on the users security record.

There are two RACRROUTE VERIFY signon calls. One for a password and one for a passphrase.

If you issue a RACROUTE VERIFY for a password, they must use the password. If they attempt to signon with a passphrase, it will fail.

If you issue a RACROUTE VERIFY for a passphrase, they must use the passphrase. If they attempt to signon with a ppassword, the signon will fail.

So, if you want to force everyone to use passphrases, the applications you are using must have the ability to force them to use a passphrase by using a RACROUTE VERIFY for a passphrase.

So, its at the application level, where you are able to control whether they signon with a password or passphrase.

If an application, doesnt support passphrases, then you need to go to the developer and ask when they will start supporting passphrases.