Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 Remediation


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CA Capacity Manager CA MICS Resource Management


Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 has been identified as End of Life software. It need to remediate by either uninstalling or updating Microsoft Visual J# 2.0.

Does CCR 1.5 require Microsoft Visual J# 2.0?
Is there an update version of Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 that CCR is compatible with?


Capacity Manager Reporter 1.5
Microsoft Visual J#2.0
Operating System not needed


The CCR requires MySQL which internally requires Microsoft Visual .NET framework. 
This Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 comes with Microsoft Visual .NET framework so it's required for CCR. 

Either way (uninstalling or upgrade) is fine .

Additional Information

Confirmation successful testing the whole environment after removing Microsoft Visual J# 2.0.