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SQL respond probe unable to initiate connection


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Error in log when testing the profile query:

Mar 11 14:48:04:459 sql_response: RunProfile started for XXXXX_Alert, interval=300, timeout=300 
Mar 11 14:48:04:459 sql_response: ptNetHostToIp - getaddrinfo failed for {DB_ADDRESS}\{INSTANCE}
Mar 11 14:48:04:475 sql_response: Initial Catalog missing for connection {CONNECTION_NAME} 
Mar 11 14:48:04:475 sql_response: Profile: Mule_Exception_Alert - Openning Connection with windows Authentication 
Mar 11 14:48:04:522 sql_response: Profile: Mule_Exception_Alert, Error in Execute SQL 
Mar 11 14:48:04:522 sql_response: Profile: Mule_Exception_Alert, operation: Execute SQL, COM Error [0x80004005] Unspecified error - [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] The server principal "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" is not able to access the database "{DB_NAME}" under the current security context.

Similar errors can be seen when testing the connection:

Mar 12 13:28:44:047 sql_response: nimSockaddr2Ip - found 
Mar 12 13:28:44:047 sql_response: sockClose:0000000000916E00: 
Mar 12 13:28:44:047 sql_response: Check connection from 
Mar 12 13:28:44:047 sql_response: Profile: check connection, domain logon using {DOMAIN}\{ACCOUNT}... 
Mar 12 13:28:44:047 sql_response: ptNetHostToIp - getaddrinfo failed for {DB_ADDRESS}\{INSTANCE} 
Mar 12 13:28:44:156 sql_response: check_connection_string, COM error ocured 
Mar 12 13:28:44:156 sql_response: Profile: cmd_check_connection_string, operation: check connection, COM Error [0x80004005] Unspecified error - [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] Cannot open database "{DB_NAME}" requested by the login. The login failed. 


Component: UIMSQR


Check dns name resolution for the {DB_ADDRESS} from probe server via nslookup command from probe server:

>nslookup  {DB_ADDRESS} 

If nslookup returns a correct IP address, check SQL Server Browser service is running properly on DB server.

Also add Database name in the Initial Catalog field of connection defined in sql_resposne probe.

Run the PortQry utility on a server (ideally on the db server with sql_response probe) 

> PortQry.exe -n {IP} -e 1434 -p UDP 

The {IP} is the active node IP for a clustered MS SQL instance or the public IP address of DB server for a standalone DB instance. Port 1434 is the port used by SQL Browser service. 

The expected response of this command is that: 

1. the named instance, in this case {INSTANCE},  is listed with server name, port and version information. 
2. the UDP port 1434 is LISTENING 

For example

Server's response:
IsClustered No
Version 12.0.6024.0
tcp 60664

UDP port 1434 is LISTENING

Without such information for the DB instance being monitored, contact local System Administrator and DBA to troubleshoot this issue.