Jaspersoft database password change
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Jaspersoft database password change


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We need to change the MSSQL user password for Jaspersoft 6.3. Is there any way that I can update the password through configuration files and not going through a re-install? 


Release: SAMBDL99000-4.2-Spectrum-Service Assurance Manager-Promotional Bundle


There two part to this answer:

To change the jasper admin password use the following community string as the solution:  JasperSoft Community : DB password encryption on an already installed jasper server.

At the bottom of the post, you'll notice the answer section which has the solution, the only thing to add is to update the password in the default_master.properties to the new password in plain text as the first step. Here are the complete steps:

On Apache Tomcat the encryption of password can be easily achieved by following steps:
  1. Go to your Jaspersoft Install files: $jasper_install\jasperreports-server-5.6.1-bin\buildomatic\default_master.properties

    Enter the correct value for Jasper DB Password in plain text

  2. change the encryption tag to true in default_master.properties.


  3. From command prompt run the below command:

    C:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-6.3.0\buildomatic> js-ant refresh-config

    This will give you the encrypted password in default_master.properties.

  4. Replace that password with the plain text password in C:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-6.3.0\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserver-pro\META-INF\context.xml.

    username="postgres" password="ENC-c7a3834ea09b0c47dc9ea00cc390222bb3965623bcbe960ca73899be5ed3a020-"

    Make sure the username and password in both the files(default_master.properties and context.xml) should be same. In case of an external db configuration, create an entry in the file: 


       <description>My Database database</description>

  5. Start and stop the tomcat server.

Additional Information

To make changes to SOI datasource password use KB000098143