MSP Save Failed Error Due to Summary Task with Assignment


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When trying to save a project back from MSP (Microsoft Project) to Clarity PPM, receive Project Save Failed error.

  • Prior to the Project Save Failed error, you may see error "Summary task assignments are not supported"

Reviewing the app-ca.logs, error indicates issue related to a summary task having an assignment:

ERROR 2019-02-25 13:24:06,577 [https-jsse-nio-443-exec-18] niku.schedulers (clarity:admin:34851000__1A22A639-091E-4172-BF3F-C481B1BDA9F3:schedulers.postProject) Rolling back transaction: 
java.lang.Exception: Summary task configure test environment(null) cannot have assignments.


Summary task assignments are not supported in Clarity PPM


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: PPMMSP


1. Remove assignments on any summary tasks in MSP


2. Change the summary task to a child task to keep the assignments on the task

To find impacted tasks:

1. Add Resource Names to the MSP task view

2. Look for any tasks that are bolded (which indicates a summary task) and have a value populated in the Resource column 

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help, see also:

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  • 142586 - MSP: Project Save Failed Errors - Master KB for Known Causes/Troubleshooting
  • For a similar error in OWB, see: 188054 - Unable to save project in OWB due to Error: Summary task cannot have assignments

Additional KBs:

  • Clarity PPM and MSP integration known defects - Support Technical Document Index (KB: 15956)
  • Clarity PPM and MSP integration - List of knowledge documents (KB: 71385)

See KB 141061 - How to search for known Clarity PPM Issues using Self Service