Provisioning Manager shows "Unable to display the requested property sheet" after upgrade


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After what appears to be a successful upgrade of the Provisioning Manager, it will launch without issue, but attempting to do anything within Manager causes the following error to appear:
 "Unable to display the requested property sheet"

This occurs when doing any actions within Provisioning Manager, such as attempting to open an endpoint, access a users record, set the logging level, and throughout Manager when selecting or attempting to view objects.

In some locations this will cause a cyclical set of error messages:

"Unable to display the requested property sheet"

Then another error box when the first is closed with:

'Unable to access information for that object.
You parameter tree may be out of date. do you want to refresh it?"

If you click  'yes' it will then throw the "Unable to display the requested property sheet" and you will get stuck in an error loop.



Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.8-Identity Manager-B to B


This was being caused by a failed upgrade.  The installer attempted to lay down all the various files, but there was a hung ETADmin.exe process that held a lock on the contents of the /Provisioning Manager/bin/ folder which prevented the upgrade from completing and left the orignal version files in place, leaving the new upgraded files with a _temp name and unused.

for example:
caetagui.dll 25/3/2015
caetagui.dll_temp 07/03/2019

We shut down the entire application, and Provisioning Server, backed up the existing /Provisioning Manager/bin/ folder, then copied from an environment where Provisioning was working as expected.  

We could have gone through and backed up the older 2015 versions, and renamed the 2019 versions:

for example:
caetagui.dll_bckup 25/3/2015
caetagui.dll 07/03/2019

But there were around 30 files so is quicker to copy from a working Provisioning Manager install.  
Uninstalling Provisioning Manager and reinstalling should also resolve this issue.