What determines the hostname in UIM alarms?
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What determines the hostname in UIM alarms?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customers would like to know what determines the hostname field value in UIM alarms.

What determines the hostname in UIM alarms?


UIM 8.51 or higher


The probe usually determines the hostname, unless the probe cannot determine the hostname or resolve it, otherwise the the NAS tries to via NAS 'Name Services.'

Nas Name Services:
If you select the Enable Name Services option, the IP-addresses of the sources sending alarms will be resolved to host names according to the rules defined on this screen. The IP-addresses (with corresponding host names) of all sources sending alarms will be listed under the Address Table sub-tab. By right-clicking an entry in the list, you may overrule the hostname with a name of your own choice. You may also add your own entries to the list. 

Generally if a given probe sends IP address in the hostname field, (and this may be a probe function if it uses name resolution), then the NAS will "try" to find a hostname for it (via NAS name services, which has multiple methods of looking up, e.g. looking up robot names, nslookup, NETBIOS, etc). If the probe sends a hostname, NAS will usually leave it alone (although sometimes this doesn't work as expected and it tries to translate hostnames to other hostnames).


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