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MICS Resource Management


Do the records on the CICS CDC file eventually roll off?

We received some 6024 errors for regions that we previously processed, although it has been over 1 1/2 years.

The CIC06024E message in the MICS LOG indicates that MICS cannot find any data dictionary records for the particular f.e.SYSID=ABCD and CICSID=EFGH. When CMF type 110 records are the input data source for MICS/CICS, MICS needs to identify individual fields on these records by means of data dictionary information that must be input to MICS before MICS can interpret the type 110 records that actually contain the data.
When MICS reads data dictionary records, it stores the information on the DETAIL.CICCDC01 file. Since this file will be available every time that the DAY040 step is run, the problem should not occur after the data dictionary information has been stored in it. Thus, the data dictionary records should be input at least once for any CICS system.


Component: MICS


There is a CDC threshold parameter in prefix.PARMS(CICTHRSH) called CICCDCEX. The delivered default is 32. While processing the CDC file, if the last reference of a dictionary record is over 32 days, it is considered expired, and removed from the CICCDC file. It's a mechanism to keep the CICCDC file from getting cluttered with data from regions that probably don't exist anymore.

You can increase this parameter if needed. But holding onto dormant dictionary records for a year or more is probably not recommended.