Change from generating Cobol to RPG in 2e


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What are the considerations when changing generation from Cobol to RPG in 2E


Component: C21E


First, It can be done.
Here are some things to consider if changing from Cobol to RPG in 2e:

1.  Need the RPG and RPG ILE generator library Y2SYRPG to be installed; it's most convenient if this is restored to Y2SY.
2.  Given current generation is Cobol, expect already have YHLLVNM *RPGCBL, would set YHLLGEN to be RP4 for RPG ILE. Then change the Target HLL for individual function on EDIT FUNCTION DETAILS to RP4.
3.  In the 2E 8.7 'Generating and Implementing Applications' manual see Chapter 3, page 173, for additional points.
4.  In terms of licensing, would need the RPG components (view your installed keys with YDSPLICPRD) and look for 2RP and/or 2R4.
2RP - 2E RPG Generator
2R4 - 2E RPGIV ILE Generator
5.  Apart from that, beware any field DDS names that are longer than 4.  RPG and RPG ILE can only work with 4 character DDS names.   Also, need to consider any EXCUSRSRC as well.