Link discovery without user action newly creates many connections


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CA Spectrum


Spectrum runs automatic link discovery without any user Actions. 
Users sees a change to the Spectrum modeling now covering new connections across many containers, also creating OPR's then.
I.e. seeing new connections for devices which are manually created and should be not connected at all. 
This did mixup the container views and requires severe manual interaction to clean up the views again.


The CA Spectrum WLC auto-discovery functionality is triggered due to AP and WLC configuration changes and the subsequent triggered connection discovery is addressed to too many devices. 


This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms - and is seen for CA Spectrum R10.1* and R10.2.*


As a workaround to disable "Discovery Protocol Tables" setting to "No" under VNM-model / Component Details / Information-Tab -- subview "AutoDiscovery Control" -- here "Modeling and Protocol Options". 

CA Spectrum R10.3.1 now covers improved WLC_discovery logic _ which will avoid "finding too many devices" doing a brut force connection discovery.



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