Agile Central - Creating a new child project failed to copy all users from the parent


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When creating a new project I check the ‘Copy all users’ and then select ‘Save and New’ . 

The first project copy succeeded fine and copied all the users from the parent project. 

The second project copy using ‘Save and New’ resulted in only a fraction of the parent project users being added to the new child project. 


Component: ACSAAS


This seems to be a timing thing if you exit the copy process too quickly.  Give the application several seconds to complete the task prior to exiting.  In the event that all of the users are not copied adding them through the users page can complete the list.  Use the following proceedure;

1. set to the project that lacks the users
2. click on the tools/config icon for the child project (hammer and wrench icon)
3. click on the 'Users' link on the left
4. then 'Copy Users From' and select the parent project. It will not duplicate users, it just adds those that were missing. 



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