How do I Just install CA Intertest Batch v 10?
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How do I Just install CA Intertest Batch v 10?


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InterTest - CICS InterTest - Batch


Starting with version 10 of CA Intertest and  CA Symdump the install process installs four products by default. The four products are CA Intertest CICS, CA Symdump CICS CA Intertest batch and CA Symdump batch.How can I just install CA Intertest batch Version 10? 




You can install version 10 of CA Intertest and CA Symdump by doing an ESD PAX JCL install or a CSM install. If you are using JCL then you will only apply certian FMID'S. If you are doing a CSM install you will do a CUSTOM INSTALL install and only select the CA Intertest batch components.

Below is a list of the FMID'S - components shipped with version 10 

CAVHA00 /*Common Symbolic Component */

CAVHA01 /*Common Eclipse UI Component */

CABAA00 /*Common CICS Component */

CABAA01 /*Common CICS DB2 Component */

CABQA00 /*SymDump CICS Component */

CAMRA00 /*InterTest Batch Component */

CARXA00 /*SymDump Batch Component */

CARXA01 /*SymDump Batch DB2 Component */

CCSAA00 /*InterTest CICS Component */ 

So if you just want to install just CA Intertest batch v 10 all you need to do is receive-apply-accept the FMIDS - components listed below.

CAVHA00 /*Common Symbolic Component

CAMRA00 /*InterTest Batch Component

The common Graphical user interface that runs on the user’s desktop which is optional.

CAVHA01 /*Common Eclipse UI Component