Why can I not discover IPSLA tests on Cisco ASR 9006?
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Why can I not discover IPSLA tests on Cisco ASR 9006?


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CA Spectrum


We cannot discover the IPSLA tests for Cisco ASR 9006. Other ASR routers do work.



Component: SPCAEM


To discover IPSLA tests, Spectrum reads the values of various attributes from the device mib.


If these are not populated, IPSLA tests cannot be discovered in Spectrum.
This can be checked from the OneClick Console -> tools menu ->  Mib Tools
Once opened, choose the Cisco-RTTMON-MIB and go to the map tab in the contents windows.
At the top, we have all the attributes in the mib, that can be mapped to Spectrum.
Ensure that the 6 above are added.


<Please see attached file for image>

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Move to the "browse" and ensure that check the value of each of these, with the SNMP GET_NEXT request button.
Below we see no value for the available instance of this attribute, so it is not possible to discover any tests.

<Please see attached file for image>

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This is a vendor issue as Cisco does not populate these 2 attributes, as they do with all other devices.
As of February 2019, this has not yet been resolved by Cisco.

Additional Information

We now use the rttMonCtrlAdminOwner as the result of a previous enhancement request back in Spectrum 9.1.

Enhancement Request # 18794922-02 Customer would like to request that the SPM test name and owner are stored to the rttMonCtrlAdminOwner instead of rttMonCtrlAdminTag attribute within the MIB of the test device. The reason for that, rttMonCtrlAdminOwner is the designed field within CISCO device MIBs for this information and is used by other Tools they use. Also, their customer use this field for their manual configuration. The reason for the current design is that the rttMonCtrlAdminTag has a limitation of 16 characters (MIB Limitation) where the rttMonCtrlAdminOwner allows for more characters. The result of making this change would result in SPM Test Names to be truncated to 16 characters.


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