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Issue with DUO security


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Issue with Data Repository installation in our Production environment. We are facing issue with the Data Repository installation in our production environment. As we have decided to install the Data Repository on a 3 node cluster environment. Further below is my query, We have a DUO security implemented for all the servers so whenever we login to any of the servers then it asks for a security code which needs to be entered manually which gets generated through a token device that can't be done automatically but the database admin user - dradmin needs to SSH to all the 3 DR nodes time to time in order to communicate properly. So my question is whether it is possible to build our DR servers using this DUO Security & whether it will work properly or do we need to disable this DUO Security on all our CA PM Production servers?? Request you to please look into it on urgent basis & kindly confirm asap. Regards, Nishant Thakur


Component: IMAGGR


you need to disable the DUO Security for all the CA PM Production server in order to avoid any such issues in the future. Because we don't support DUO security.