CA View/Deliver - AFP Report does not Process Properly Unless Comes from CA Deliver


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In the testing of PAGEDEFs and FORMDEFs, there are no AFP attributes used unless the report is processed by CA Deliver.

CA View reprints, done after the Report Definition in Deliver is deleted, do not use the AFP attributes. 

What is occurring in CA Deliver, for the AFP attributes to be used?



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AFP (and PDF) reports are processed by a SARFSS (Functional SubSystem) collector.
Text reports are processed, mostly, by a SARSTC collector.

If only a SARSTC task is in use, an AFP report will collect as a text report, and the attributes would be ignored.

If the report is defined in and processes through Deliver, then it is identified as an AFP report, and will include or at least make references to the attributes.

If the report definition no longer exists in CA Deliver, when a View reprint is requested, there will be no attributes available. 

The client noted that they found there to be issues with their AFP processes, that they will address.