CA GTS setup for CA Scheduler tracking of USS files


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CA Scheduler Job Management


What is required to customize CA General Transaction Server (GTS) for CA Scheduler to track USS files?


Component: SCHDMS


1.   In the GTS started task, add the SUBSYS name of CA Scheduler if you are not using the default.
      //$$SCxx  DD  DUMMY

2.  In the GTS started task, add a SYSPRINT DD.

3.  In the GTS started task, add a STEPLIB dd pointing to the CA Scheduler MUF CUSLIB and CAAXLOAD if it is not in the link list.

4.  In the UFINIT dataset  that is specified in the GTS started task, add files that you are listening for and the CA Scheduler command you want issued when the file is created.
     /u/user/joeuser/payroll.file,S;SC RUN JOB NAME=PAY001,JNO=01,ST=40,S=PAYSCHD

     When the file /u/user/joeuser/payroll.file is created, it will send the command to CA Scheduler to run the JOB PAY001 in schedule PAYSCHD.

Additional Information

CA General Transaction Server User Guide Chapter 4: USSF Client of CA GTS