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How to delete sql server custom check point messages?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In SQL Server probe GUI -> templates -> Checkpoint name -> select a checkpoint -> select the threshold object under Thresholds / Schedules -> we have created customer messages we are saved and accessible under the messages drop down. We have created multiple messages that we no longer require but we are unable to delete these. How can we delete those custom messages? 


- UIM version: 8.51 - 9.0.2
- sqlserver probe version: 5.42


1. Stop the SQL Server probe. 

2. Access the machine directly (where the probe is deployed) and open the sqlserver_monitor.cfg (\Nimsoft\probes\database\sqlserver) 

Note: Before making any changes to this file, create a backup copy. 

3. In the sqlserver_monitor.cfg at the end of the config file will be a section called <messages>, example: 

default_1 = Profile $profile, alarm for checkpoint '$check' cleared, no message text found, default used 
default_2 = Profile $profile, alarm for checkpoint '$check' raised, no message text found, default used 

4. Here you can manually delete / remove the custom messages in question. Once complete, save the config file and restart the sql server probe. The custom messages you deleted will not longer be visible in the probe GUI.