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What are some of the different ways we can get alarms into UIM?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have UIM 8.X , 9.X or 20.1 in our environment.

We have several external application that we would like to have sent alarms to UIM, so that these can be tracked and managed.

What are some of the different ways this can be done?


UIM 20.1 and earlier


Below are several methods which can be used to send/generate alarms in UIM:

- The web services rest API will allow you to create alarms. Please see the documentation below:

- We do not have a webhook protocol interface at this time. This would be an Enhancement request.

- The developer could create a custom probe using the java SDK:

- The robot install has a command line utility called nimalarm that could be used to send alarms:

- If the developer can send an SNMP trap you could set up the snmptd probe to receive the trap: