Is it possible to use mobile devices to access Xtraction?


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In Xtraction Settings there is the "Mobile Access Permitted" option for Mobile under "Features" tab. In addition, under the "Authentication" tab, double clicking at any of the authentication providers defined, there is the flag "Mobile Enabled" and the "Mobile URL" filed value.

However, having all these options selected, I still cannot access Xtraction from mobile devices. An error occurred when trying to launch it from the URL below:


HTTP Error 500.0 - jwt not provided.

Is it possible to use mobile devices to access Xtraction?


Xtraction 2017.1


According to the vendor (IVANTI), older versions of Xtraction up to the 2017.1 would only work on mobile devices with the Xtraction App from the app store. However, this app no longer exists and it is not possible to get it anymore.

Moving forward past 2017.2, the mobile feature no longer exists, so it may be in their best interest to plan for using Xtraction on devices that are either using Flash on the older version of Xtraction or HTML5 on the new versions. 

As reference, from the upgrade/install guide, there is the following note:

For Xtraction 2018.0 and above, only 64-bit web browsers are supported, with Chrome being the recommended browser. Ivanti doesn't recommend using IE11 to access Xtraction 2018.x due to decreased performance. 

Prior to Xtraction 2018.0, clients required a web browser that supported Adobe Flash Player to access the database. As of 2018.0, Adobe Flash Player is no longer required.

In addition, as per below document from IVANTI site regarding mobile usage:

How Do I Configure Mobile Client Access?

There is the following note: 

1) On the mobile device, navigate to the main Xtraction URL. 

NOTE: Keep in mind, this is NOT the URL from Xtraction Settings > Authentication > Mobile URL (i.e. "http://localhost/Xtraction/Auth/Local/AuthenticateMobile.aspx"). If you attempt to navigate to that URL, you will get an error message stating "Unable to retrieve the list of providers, please check the server url." On the mobile app, you need to navigate to the main (or 'root') level application, allowing you to choose an authentication type. 

However, by following this document, trying to open the default Xtraction URL from mobile device (ex.: http://<Xtraction server hostname>/Xtraction), you may face an error since it requires Adobe Flash Player plugin, which is not available for mobile devices. Below message could be displayed at the mobile browsers (for instance, Edge and Chrome browsers):

<Please see attached file for image>


<Please see attached file for image>



We're sorry 
This content requires Adobe Flash Player, which is not supported by your device. This content can be viewed on a desktop computer or on mobile devices that support Flash Player. 


So, if the mobile device does not support Flash Player, you cannot use Xtraction 2017.1 on it. 

In addition, as per below answer received from IVANTI support, there is no solution anymore to use the mobile app in the Xtraction 2017.1 release.

"The mobile app was dedicated to the mobile usage and at some point the support for mobile app has been removed and app is no longer in app store to download and cannot be used. 

If there were issues using Mobile prior to 2018.4, engineering is not planning to address or go back to fix those issues. 

So essentially the workaround of trying to access using mobile devices supporting flash will be what we have available as we don't plan to re-release a mobile "app" or fix any older mobile issues.

Additional Information

How Do I Configure Mobile Client Access?


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