CSM Quick Product/Release Maintenance is failing


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CA Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager)


When updating maintenance of a product , it fails with this message:

task# - Quick Product/Release Maintenance Information  - Started date, time
Request is to get release: rr.r
             for product: product_name
     using site IDs: xxxxxx,yyyyyy

The product product_name at release rr.r is not available for the following site IDs: xxxxxx,yyyyyy

Log in to CA Support Online and verify that the product product_name at release rr.r is available for download under at least one of the following site IDs: xxxxxx,yyyyyy 

If the product is available on CA Support Online, run 'Update Complete Product List' from the Products tab to refresh relations between the site IDs and the products. 
If the problem persists, contact CA Support.

A similar message can occur, when trying to apply PTFs in online mode, as this also starts a Get Latest Maintenance task.


This could have multiple reasons:

  • wrong/old product name used
  • product name changed
  • product has been hidden
  • contracts belonging to a new siteid
  • products "tree" in CSM needs to be refreshed


CSM 6.0


The following steps should help to resolve this in most situations:


  • Login to CA SupportOnline and go to the Download Management, enter the product you are interested in and identify the exact name of the product available to download.


  • From Products tab, under Actions heading, select Show License Keys, and then click on "Refresh Site Ids"         


  • Run Update complete product list.



  • Look for product with that EXACT product name (case sensitivity matters) identified in step 1 and run Get latest maintenance or update product release for the release of interest. This can be done by using right-click on the release.


  • In case the EXACT product name is not shown in list
    • check under "Show Hidden Products". If found, select and use "show products" button to add to the product list again.
    • Repeat above steps again starting with Refresh site Ids. For more details on hide and unhide products see KB000048052
    • Run update product release. 

Additional Information

The message could be also correct, in case the product is not licensed at all and therefore not available to download on CA Supportonline.