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The string "http://..." is included in the operation of transactions after VSE recordinig with HTTP/S transport protocol including JSON data


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


When doing the VSE recording with these conditions below:

  • Transport Protocol: HTTP/S
  • Recorder passthru style: Proxy
  • Data Protocol Handler for Request:JSON2
  • The Request Body includes the JSON data and the "Content-Type" is "application/json" or "text/json".

Then the values of operations for transactions include "http://<server name>/"  like "GET http://<server name>/<base path>" in the VSI file.

When using the REST Data Protocol Handler on behalf of JSON2 Data Protocol Handler, then this issue does not occur.


All supported DevTest releases and platforms.



Doing the VSE recording for HTTP/S Transport Protocol with Proxy passthru style without REST Data Protocol Handler always causes this issue.


The JSON2 Data Protocol Handler works for Body(If HTTP/S transport protocol) only, then HTTP/S transport protocol with proxy passthru style will causes this issue.
To avoid this issue:

  1. If the recording or virtual service may not need in the values of JSON payload, then delete JSON2 Data Protocol Handler and add Rest Data Protocol Handler.
  2. If the recording or virtual service may have a possibility to extract the arguments from the JSON payload, then add the REST Data Protocol Handler during the recording.