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[AWA] When child tasks were added with PUT_ATT GROUP, JOBG does not end


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


JOBG is unable to finish, stays active though its child tasks were executed & ended (the child task is assigned to the JOBG on the fly by PUT_ATT GROUP script) 
A specific scenario below is required to recreate this situation 

Step to reproduce: 
  • 01 empty JOBG, 01 Parent workflow, 01 Child workflow contains 01 other child task (any executable), 01 SCRI to activate the Child Workflow (05 objects as provided below at section 7) 
  • Parent WF = SCRI to activate Child WF + JOBG 
  • Note: Child WF's process: PUT_ATT GROUP = JOBG 
  • Note 2: Child WF is set as Generated at Runtime 
  • Start the Parent WF, JOBG will stay as active (while Child WF and its child task completed successfully) 
  • Go to Parent WF monitor > JOBG monitor > Modify Group > Modify Properties > Accept (Modify) ==> JOBG ended_OK 
  • (can still cancel JOBG) 


Component: AAUTEN


Group is not triggered at the end of a child task


An error has been fixed where tasks in a group do not trigger the group at the end of the task. This only occurs if the group is set with PUT_ATT GROUP and the child task is generated at runtime.
Fix will be delivered in the following releases: 
  • Automation.Engine 12.0.8 (Planned release: 2019-05-06), 
  • Automation.Engine 12.1.4 (Planned release: 2019-01-28), 
  • Automation.Engine 12.3.0 (Planned release: 2019-04-23), 
  • Automation.Engine 12.2.2 (Planned release: 2019-02-28)

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