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When I run Explore and Correlate with "Create users as needed" option the following error is shown in the Application Server log

ERROR [im.provisioning.translator] (default task-44) The attribute sn in the corporate directory is required. A provisioning attribute should be mapped to it to ensure proper inbound synchronization.
ERROR [im.provisioning.translator] (http-/ The attribute givenName in the corporate directory is required.  A provisioning attribute should be mapped to it to ensure proper inbound synchronization.

and I can see Inbound Notification/Synchronization is not happening, i.e. corporate users are not created.

Etanotify log shows

20190226:104048:TID=7acb40:I: Try sending payload to http://<IM Server>:8080/iam/im/ETACALLBACK/?env=<environment>

20190226:104048:TID=7acb40:A: ALERT: Payload rejected by IMS: Unable to submit create user due to missing required attribute. Missi

20190226:104048:TID=7acb40:A:+ng attribute: givenName


This issue can be caused by various reasons but normally this is due to "Update user fields" option was not selected in Explore and Correlate Definition. Without the "Update user fields" option selected, Provisioning Server won't update Global User attributes, thus newly created Global User will only have minimal attributes. And when Inbound Notification is created to create IM corporate user, it failed with above-mentioned error as notification payload doesn't contain sn or givenName value which is mandatory attribute.


Identity Suite 14.x


Modify Explore and Correlate Definition and select "Update user fields" option.

<Please see attached file for image>

Update user fields
And run Explore and Correlate again.


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