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Explanation of nio properties used DevTest


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder)


We have some properties used in DevTest but are not always shown in the or  Below are three that will need to get set to different values on occasion.




Component: ITKOVS


"lisa.vse.tcp.uses.nio" is the property that controls whether or not to use our non-blocking IO engine (NIO) when handling TCP traffic for virtual services. It will do this for both plain TCP (non-SSL/TLS) connections and SSL/TLS over TCP connections. The default for this property is true, which means we will use NIO for plain and SSL/TLS TCP connections.


"lisa.vse.plain.tcp.uses.nio" is similar but it only controls whether or not to use NIO for plain (non-SSL/TLS) TCP connections.


"lisa.vse.ssl.tcp.uses.nio" only controls whether or not to use NIO for SSL/TLS over TCP connections.


"lisa.vse.tcp.uses.nio" has the lowest priority and the "lisa.vse.plain.tcp.uses.nio" and "lisa.vse.ssl.tcp.uses.nio" will override it if set.


Setting both "lisa.vse.plain.tcp.uses.nio" and "lisa.vse.ssl.tcp.uses.nio" to the same value is the same as setting "lisa.vse.tcp.uses.nio" to that same value.