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As many companies work toward a more secure environment for their applications and infrastructure tools, expanding password capabilities from the traditional 8-character limitation to the use of passphrases is being considered.

In order to provide enhanced security, can passphrases be used in CA Datacom products?


Release: DBCISF00200-15.1-Datacom-Database-Option for CICS Services


CA Datacom products currently support internal passwords that are a maximum of eight characters long for certain functions. In addition to this capability, we support the ability to secure the user databases and product functions using a site's current Security Authorization Facility (SAF) with IBM RACF, CA ACF2, or CA Top Secret. This functionality is called External Security for CA Datacom, and is a highly configurable and robust means of managing access to CA Datacom resources and functions.

At this time, there are no plans to modify the existing internal security processing to accommodate passphrases and encourage clients who want to utilize this capability to implement External Security for CA Datacom. Through the use of security paths defined to the CA Datacom Multi-User Facility (called MUF), and the capabilities of wildcards and groups in the SAF definitions, customers have the ability to provide a very generic or a granular access plan.

Additional Information

For further information about the different security options available within CA Datacom products, please refer to the following documentation:
Version 15.1 - CA Datacom Core > Administrating > Security Overview
Version 15.0 - CA Datacom Core > Administrating > Security Overview

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.