CA View - How do I Acquire the Latest Maintenance For View 14.0?


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A colleague had already done the base install for 14.0 CA View/Deliver/DRAS.

How can the client obtain all of the PTFs needed, to bring the 14.0s to the current level?


CA View 14.0
CA Deliver 14.0
CA EBC Common Component 14.0
CA DRAS 14.0


The client was able to download the 14.0 View, Deliver, EBC, and DRAS PTFs via:

 . . At, on the main page, choose "Mainframe Software".
 . . Enter "CA View" for the product name. 
 . . Select "Support" tab.
 . . Choose "Download"
 . . Choose the tab for "Solution Downloads". 
 . . For "CA View MVS", click on "14.0". 
 . . Select the Components:
 . . CA View  -  Put all the PTFs to a cart
 . . CA Deliver  -  Put all the PTFs to a cart
 . . EBC OM Common  -  Put all the PTFs to a cart
 . . CA DRAS  -  Put all the PTFs to a cart

The resulting list was comprised of 182 PTFs (as of 22/12/2020). 
Put all the PTFs to a cart, and download the resulting file.