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UDR001 soft abend


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VM:Secure for z/VM


We IPLed one of our systems and we got a UDR001 soft abend. I reported this to IBM and they asked me to open a case with you.

Running VM:Secure Version 03.2 RSU-1801



Release: 3.2
Component: VMX


CP UDR001 soft abend is not the result of a VM:Secure problem or VM:Secure writing to the directory incorrectly. 

Verified that VM:Secure initialized where it wrote the directory in full. VM:Secure then autologged AUTOLOG2 and AUTOLOG2 started it's autologging. After CRRLX1 autologged, the UDR001 soft abend occurred.

After the soft abend, customer was able to manually xautolog XAUTOLOG2 without any problems.

Confirmed that VM:Secure would have written a fresh (full) object directory at initialization but not again until you performed some directory update. So, the object directory would have been the same at the second xautolog of AUTOLOG2 as it was right after VM:Secure initialized.

Dialog between CA Level2 and IBM about this and IBM now knows that VMSECURE would not have re-written anything between the soft abend and the successful xautolog.


Additional Information

In the future, the customer can verify the object directory as far as VM:Secure is concerned by running VMXUND against the object directory.