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Rally Unexpected Results on a Page


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At times, a page in Rally may display unexpected results due to a corrupt or stale cache.  This article outlines the steps involved in clearing cache in various browsers.



  1. Click the menu botton in the top right corner
  2. Click Advanced
  3. Click "Clear Browsing Data"
  4. Ensure "All Time" is chosen in Time Range
  5. Uncheck "Browsing history"
  6. Uncheck "Cookies and other site data"
  7. Check "Cached images and files"
  8. Click "Clear data"

Alternatively in Chrome, you can clear cache and cookies for just the site you're on -- see video at


  1. Click the menu button in the top right corner
  2. Click "Privacy & Security" on the left menu
  3. Click the "Clear Data" button
  4. Uncheck "Cookies and Site Data"
  5. Check "Cached Web Content"
  6. Click the "Clear" button


Internet Explorer / Edge

  1. Click the Start menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. In "Find a Setting", type "Internet Options"
  4. Click "Internet Options"
  5. On the General tab, click "Delete"
  6. Check only the top option for "Temporary Internet files and website files"
  7. Click the "Delete" button
  8. Click "OK"

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