MCS errors - After removing 1 system from a group, it did not remove the MCS profile configuration.


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


- Some profiles are not being deleted and display a Red "X"
- After removing a system from a USM Group the configuration was not removed.


- assorted issues


- UIM 8.5.1


WARNING: Be extremely careful when running delete statements. Test on a Test/Dev system first if possible.

- cleanup of SSRV2profile table through reset of profiles
***To cleanup all the failed mcs profiles for the app_disco profiles

delete from ssrv2configvalue where profile in (select profileId from ssrv2profile where status='error' and profileName like '%app_%');

delete from ssrv2profile where profileId in (select profileId from ssrv2profile where status='error' and profileName like '%app_%');

This query will return the name of the device that has profiles displaying a red cross (error state):

   select name from CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM where cs_id IN (select cs_id from SSRV2profile where status = 'error')

select * from ssrv2audittrail where objectid=636726     #This is just an example...
--shows the status of the MCS request to delete a profile 

select * from ssrv2profile where profileid=636726 
--shows the status of the profile, e.g., shows IF the MCS profile was deleted.

---> Note that the Profile ID is visible at the bottom of the Monitoring Tab->MCS profile page. 

If you ->>> set retries = 0 it will try to delete it again 

select * from ssrv2profile where profileid=636726
--to check the retries state 

Via the USM Monitoring Tab try to delete the profile again via USM by clicking on the trash can icon. 

Run the queries again and check the status: 

select * from ssrv2audittrail where objectid=636726
--shows the status of the request 

select * from ssrv2profile where profileid=636726 
--shows the status of the profile 

select * from ssrv2profile where status = 'error' 
--shows profiles that ended in an error state 

You can use 'where profileid in (profileid1, 2, 3)' for multiple profiles 

in USM, if the Profiles' Red X disappears it means MCS is again trying to delete the profiles in the background.

select * from ssrv2profile where ancestorprofile=636726
--check the status of the deletes

select * from ssrv2profile where cs_id in (Select distinct cs_id from ssrv2profile where ancestorprofile in (636726, 639969, 637222)) and status != 'ok' and retries > 28;ancestorprofile=636726 

Set the status to 'modified' and change retries to 0 so MCS ((mon_config_service), will try and delete the profile again.

update SSRv2profile set retries = 0, status = 'delete' where profileName in ('LogicalDiskFreeMB_C', 'LogicalDiskFreeMB_E' ProcessorTime_Total') 
--To delete profiles manually based on 'ProfileName'

--To retry a deployment, run the update and set the retries to 0 and the status to modified. 

Additional changes:

- update of attr_publisher package to v7.97
- resolve node discovery correlation issues
-  Note that this particular scenario may have been due to a server rebuild hence the machine no longer had a robot, but it wasn’t removed properly from USM Inventory, so it still showed up in the cm_nimbus_robot table.