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Vision Results job fails in SORT step after upgrade


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Vision:Results Vision:Sixty


Customer upgraded Vision Results from a new install or updated the libraries and replaced the macros. Now, randomly, jobs that utilize a sort step fail with various sort abends.

Random jobs failing in sort steps. How do we resolve the random abends?


z/OS any level
Vision Results any level


The sort step is randomly failing due to the following option setting in the macro options.

Produces a null file when a file defined as an
output file does not write any records. This
allows subsequent steps referring to this file
to proceed normally. The default is N.
Recommend that this be changed to OUTFILE=Y  This will show up in the job output as OUTFILE(N/Y)
The jobs will then run normally.
This is documented in the Vision Results Reference Summary page 99
Use the install job CUSTMJCL to make the required changes. The requirement for this step is documented in the Install Guide on page 45 - Task 4B. Customize the Compile and Run Time Parameters in DYLINSTL Macro

Additional Information

Please review the Vision Results Reference Summary and review the options for the DYLINSTL macro.