CA View - Are There SMF records for the Viewer Functionality of Email, Print, Save, and Export?


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In running CA View 14.0 (INC01), are there any SMF records generated for the Viewer functions of email, print, save, and export?

Will these new records appear in the CA View Metrics Access Activity report?

The View 14.0 Manual makes reference to [MTC] Content Viewer.
If CA OM Web Viewer and CA DRAS are used, will the Access Activity report reflect that usage?
Will the Access Activity report reflect the usage with Content Viewer?


CA View 14.0
MTC Content Viewer 14.0


In CA View 14.0, there is a new Subtype 36 SMF record generated for Viewer functions of download and export.

The Metrics Access Activity report (RPT=ACCS) will print only the MTC Content Viewer actions for download and export.

A report print generates a Subtype 31 SMF record, which currently appears on the Access Activity report.

For Web Viewer/DRAS, all that is generated for a report is a Subtype 30 record, which indicates report browsing.