"HTTP Status 500" error occurred when trying to login to SAM
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"HTTP Status 500" error occurred when trying to login to SAM


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


My customer cannot login to SAM WebUI with "HTTP Status 500" error and "CA Message Queuing Sever" service is not started.

What cause is thought of?


Windows ENTM 12.8/12.9


Please check ems.log file in C:\Program Files\CA\AccessControlServer\MessageQueue\tibco\log folder.

You may see the following errors.


Accepting connections on ssl://<host name>:7243.

Recovering state, please wait.

SEVERE ERROR: Error occured while processing Message record id=6114068 (create from wire) - Unable to reconstruct message: 42 - Invalid message

FATAL: The recovery process stopped while processing a 'Message' record (id=6114068), error: 42 - Invalid message. Check the section 'Problems on Startup' from chapter 'Running the EMS Server' in the User's Guide before attempting to restart the server


FATAL: Exception in startup, exiting.


In this case, the database files of Message Queuing server were broken.

So, you have to recreate the database files according to the following steps.

1: Please stop Jboss service.

2: Please check if "CA Message Queuing Server" service is stopped.

3: Please stop PIM service with "secons -s".

4: Please move the following files in C:\Program Files\CA\AccessControlServer\MessageQueue\tibco\cfgmgmt\ems\datastore folder.




5: Please start "CA Message Queuing Server" service.

6: Please start PIM service with "seosd -start".

7: Please start Jboss service.


If you try the above steps and you cannot start "CA Message Queuing Server" and login to SAM WebUI yet, it may be other problems.