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Best practices to move Spectrum to a new system


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CA Spectrum


This document outlines the steps needed to "move" your Spectrum databases to a new system. For instance you are running 10.3 on Windows 2012 and will be utilizing new Windows 2016 installs for both the primary and secondary SpectroSERVERs.


Release: Any Release
Component: SPCCSS - SpectroSERVER Core


Since you are moving your databases to machines with new hostnames, there are a couple of extra steps:

1.   Stand up the 2016 Servers.
2.   Install Spectrum 10.3 (and any other patches you have installed on the original servers).
3.   On each of the new servers, make sure that you configure the $SPECROOT/.hostrc for each of the new 2016 SpectroSERVERs and the OneClick servers so that only the 2016 servers have access.  The reason for this is that the databases from the original save files will contain both the primary and secondary hostnames and you do not want the new servers communicating with the old servers for Spectrum.  This will "corrupt" the map.  
3.  Transfer your SSdb and DDMdb save files from the original servers to the new 2016 servers.
4.  Load the SSdb and DDMdb on all primary machines.
5.  Start the primaries, beginning with the MLS first.  Make sure the primary is in Running status before starting the rest of the primary SS.
6.  Save each database on each primary SS.  You will get an alarm and status note that database synchronization has failed. This is to be expected because the savefile has the original secondary hostname and not the new secondary hostname.
7.  Move the save file from each primary to their respective secondary SS
8.  Load it manually from the SS directory:
../SS-Tools/SSdbload -ilr 20 ../SS-DB-Backup/savefilefromprimary
9.  Start all secondary SS
10.  Stop all primary SS.
11.  On the secondary SS, save the SSdb on each SS using the Spectrum Control Panel or from command line.  If you need to save them from command line, stop the secondary SS first.
12.  Move that save file to the respective primary SS.
13.  Load that save file on the primary from the SS directory: ../SS-Tools/SSdbload -ilr 10 ../SS-DB-Backup/savefilefromsecondary
14.  This will stamp the primary SSdb to use the new secondary hostname for the secondary SS.
15.  Start the primaries.
16.  Use HostUpdate and MapUpdate "remove" to rip out any of the hostnames that are from the original/old configuration:
17.  Cycle tomcat

Additional Information

Please note that Windows 2016 is supported starting with Spectrum release 10.3 and above.  If you are running CA Spectrum release 10.2.3 in production on Windows 2008 machines, you will need to either upgrade the local OS to 2016 and also upgrade CA Spectrum to 10.3.x or you will need to migrate your databases using the documented Migrate and Upgrade Instructions.  You would take your 10.2.3 SSdb (and DDMdb if needed) and rename them according to the instructions, and put them on the Windows 2016 box and then install CA Spectrum 10.3 on top.