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Extract List of Existing Devices/Servers


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Please let us know the steps or procedure for extract or pull the list of existing devices/servers in CA Performance Management.


Any CAPM version


To get a list of devices do the following:

1. Log on to the data repository shell 
2. su - dradmin (or whatever the equivalent user is) 
3. cd /opt/vertica/bin 
4. run the following command: ./vsql -Udradmin -wdbpass -c 'select v6_ntoa(primary_ip_address),hostname from dauser.device;' > /tmp/devices.txt  
- dradmin / dbpass is basically the database username / password for me to connect to the database.  So as an example, if step #2 for you is dradmin1, then you should replace dradmin in the above vsql command with dradmin1, and whatever the password is 
- dauser is the database schema.  To get this launch adminTools > #2 to connect to the database > type \d this will give you a list of tables, the first column is schema.  Whatever you have in this column (if not dauser) should be used to replace dauser in the command above 

The result of the command will be a list of devices / IP addresses called devices.txt in the /tmp directory