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Using Gel and SSL gettting connection reset error


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Every time we try and connect into our instance of Clarity PPM we are getting an error about the "Connection reset" We have verified the url and can successfully log into the server in our Gel script. To test that we are outputting the session ID once connection has been established. We need this to work so that we can automate a large ad-hoc reoccurring process.


Local DNS was overriding the server's resolution protocol to first search the hosts file on the server itself; the server was searching local DNS first and could not resolve its name and network address.


Component: ODPORT


Wireshark was installed on the server and run to identify the problem in packets originating from the server itself. After the root cause was understood, then they worked with their internal network team to reconfigure their local DNS to stop overriding the server's protocol to look at the /etc/hosts file first for resolution, and then use local DNS as secondary.