Getting message CAT1701W when running TLMSTRAN
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Getting message CAT1701W when running TLMSTRAN


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TLMS Tape Management


We observed CAT1701W messages that prompt for TLMSTRAN excessive wait time. Can you shed some light on this?


TLMS 14.0. Program TLMSTRAN.


Program TLMSTRAN updates TLMS with the transaction file that is passed down from program TLMSTRS. TLMSTRAN moves the transaction to the TLMS que which updates the TLMS VMF via CTS. The process is a quick one and should not execute more than a few minutes. If the job runs more than 5 minutes, the message CAT1701W will be issued. One cause of the delay is a full pack backup is backing up the pack that the TLMS VMF is located on. The backup job will reserve/enqueue the pack and CTS will not be able to update the TLMS VMF.