When a new instance of an open alarm comes in with a new User_tag, is the User tag updated?


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Is it expected that The user_tag1 or user_tag2 fields of an open alarm (NAS_ALARMS) are updated when an additional instance of the same suppressed alarm comes in with an updated user_tag?


Component: UIMNAS


In NAS 9.06 and any previous NAS version when a new instance of a new alarm comes in with a new User_tag the user tags are NOT updated. 
In NAS 9.06HF5 (DE364025) when a new instance of a new alarm comes in with a new User_tag the user tags ARE updated. 
in NAS 9.06T3 (DE404865) the probe has been provided with a key to determine which is the default behavior: update the key update_user_tag = no/yes

1. Probe generates an alarm from a robot that contain User_tag1=FIRST 
2. Alarm is stored in NAS_ALARMS with User_tag1=FIRST 
3. Robot controller is updated with a new User_tag1=NEW 
4. probe generates new instance of the same alarm on the next check; alarm contains the new User_tag1=NEW 
5. Alarm count is increased in NAS_ALARMS for the alarm > Count increases but user_tag1 is still user_tag1=FIRST 

NAS 9.06 (and any previous version):
user_tag1 is updated

NAS 9.06HF5
user_tag1 is not updated

NAS 9.06T3
With key: update_user_tag = no --> user_tag1 is not updated
With key: update_user_tag = yes --> user_tag1 is updated

Additional Information

NAS 9.06T3 is a test build. This key will be included in the a future release of UIM. 
If this Test build is needed please contact CA Support