Android device Not Rooted but RiskAuthentication indicates "jailbreak=true"


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CA Risk Authentication Android SDK DDNA detects and informs "jailbreak=true" if the customer has "Root Access" and is using software say Magisk or Xposed on a rooted Android device. The issue discussed in this document is that customer reported that CA Risk Authentication SDK reported "jailbreak=true" where the Android Device did not have Root Access.



The Android device is possibly running a malicious App (in this case "Lucky Patcher") as shown below. Such Apps have gained Rooted access on the customer device.

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An Android Device using CA Risk Authentication Device DNA SDK (DDNA)


1. First collect all the Apps installed on the Android Device in question.
2. Examine the App listing #1 above for any malicious Apps.
3. Verify if Magdisk's (or similar software) screens to see if there is intended root access on the device by the device owner. "NOT ROOTED" in the Magdisk screen below indicateds the device was not intentionally Rooted.

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3. Remove any unintended malicious Apps for example in his case "Lucky Patcher"

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