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Clarity/PPM-Filtering by Multivalue Attribute in Resource Finder doesnt work


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Clarity PPM On Premise



1. Go to Home>>Projects 
2. Go to Team tab 
3. Add a Resource 
4. On the Resource line, click on the Magnifying glass (resource finder) 
5. On Resource finder page search, if the Manager field is not on the filter section, add it 
6. Select the Browse on the Manager field 
7. Select a Resource Manager 
8. Click Filter 
9. Note the number of resources that appear, if zero select another resource manager 
10. Now go to configure>>List Filter Section>>Fields 
11. Select properties for Manager 
12. Select the Multiple Select. Save and Return 
13 Exit then re-enter the Resource Finder page 
14. On the Manager field select the Browse and select the same resource 
15. Click Filter 
16. There are no results Receive "There are no items to display"




Clarity PPM 15.4.1, 15.5 and 15.5.1


Fixed in 15.6.1