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ITPAM schedule tasks are gone after cleaning runtime database


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CA Process Automation Base


The customer decided to clean the ITPAM runtime database. It was successful and ITPAM is working as expected, but the customer noticed that schedule tasks are gone. Even though schedules are still working, nothing appear when going to Operations -> Schedules. They know it is working fine, but they cannot see how it is working.


Release: ITPASA99000-4.3-Process Automation-Add On License for-CA Server Automation


Somehow when cleaning the runtime database, ITPAM stops creating new records in the C2OAgendaTask table. When it happens, administrators are not able to see schedules tasks running.

In order to have ITPAM inserting records in that table again, follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Library tab and select the Schedule you are working on;
  2. Right click,
  3. Select Check In/Out;
  4. Select Check In and then Select Check Out.