Disk alarms policy alarms are always showing 0.00 for the computed baseline value


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


Define a disk alarm policy that gets applied to an UMP USM monitoring group where (Ehnahced) disk profiles are deployed. The alarms generated from this policy always show the computed baseline value = 0.00


Known defect corrected with the 7.97HF3 robot_update package.


UIM 9.02
robot_update:  7.97HF2
hub:  7.97
mon_config_server:  9.02hf2
mon_config_service_usm_patch:  9.02hf2


Deploy the 7.97HF3 robot_update package to all robots in the UIM domain.

Once the robots have been upgraded, then one of both of the following steps should be followed to resolve this issue:
1.  Acknowledge all of the current alarms where the computed baseline value is displayed as 0.00
2.  If acknowledging existing alarms does not resolve the issue then delete the dynamic alarm policy responsible for these alarms, acknowledge existing erroneous alarms, then recreate the dynamic alarm policy again for the group