Job execution postponed. Unable to download package from any collaborating agent. SDM2285


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After upgrading from ITCM 12.9 to 14.SP2 and attempting a software delivery, you get an error of Job execution postponed. Unable to download package from any collaborating agent. SDM2285


If sha1-2048 and sha2-2048 bit certificates are used in your environment and an upgrade was performed on the Enterprise Manager, the Enterprise Manager could not communicate with the Domain Manager as the  configuration policies for certificate order needs to be set prior to upgrade.

Prior to upgrade, "sha2-2048" and "sha2-2048,sha1-1024" are the only two options available for setting the certificate preference order.  After applying textfix T5SM147 (which is available by contacting Support), the alternative certificate preference order can now be set to r "sha2-2048, sha1-2048".c


Component: DTSVMG


Prior to upgrade
This needs to be run at the highest tier in other words if they have an enterprise manager it needs to be run there
ccnfregdb -o -f cmConfig.xml
ccnfregdb -o -f ENCConfigPolicy.xml

This should be run hours before the upgrade is started and give it time to propagate down to the agents
ccnfregdb -o -f cmConfig.xml -e
ccnfregdb -o -f ENCConfigPolicy.xml -e

In any case on each agent run (remember the EM, DM and SS have agents so on all machines)
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/security/certificatesoptions/certificatepreference -pn preferenceorder -v "SHA256_2048,SHA1_2048" -manager
ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/common/enc/general/certificatepreference -pn preferenceorder -v "SHA256_2048,SHA1_2048"  -manager

We suggest embedding the above commands in a file named installTestfixes.bat in a folder named testfixes.  This folder needs to be created on the install media both at the root of the install media (same directory as setup.exe) and in all the folders on the media that have dmdeploywrapper.exe along with testfix 5SM147

Additional Information

If you encounter issues after the upgrade and did not take the resolution steps prior to upgrade, then you will need to run the following on the enterprise (if applicable) then on each of the domain managers:
ccnfregdb -o -f cmConfig.xml -e
ccnfregdb -o -f ENCConfigPolicy.xml -e